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Features and Benefits of CrossBid

  • Purchase homes through our feature-rich, comprehensive site.
  • Create and store all paperwork digitally.
  • Make and manage offers instantly. See what others have offered and inform your buyers.
  • View and manage multiple properties and multiple offers with your own dashboard.
  • Access everything on the go from your computer, tablet or smartphone in one location!

Agent Advantage

CrossBid gives you the tools to ensure you can provide the best service to your client. Your client will be given every opportunity to purchase a property, without lost opportunities! They will see that their offer has been submitted and reviewed, and will see any competing offers as well. If they want to better their offer to trump another, no problem, click a few buttons! If their offer is trumped, you and your clients are notified and given opportunity to better your offer.

Don’t run around gathering signatures to make and counter offers anymore. With CrossBid, we gather all the signatures AFTER all negotiations and an agreement is reached through our offer system.

Agents can make multiple offers on multiple properties for one client without the fear of multiple acceptances. The moment one of your offers is accepted, the other offers are automatically withdrawn.

Stop the madness of going to multiple sites to complete a transaction - we offer all the tools you need to store and manage your paperwork. Make and manage multiple offers for multiple clients from a private, secure portal.

CrossBid simplifies the buying process, provides a better experience for you and your clients, and eliminates many of the aggravations of the buying process.

CrossBid for agents is simple.

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